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List of Software Resources

I've spent literally hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to come up with this list of resources below. I'm kind of a software junkie—I'll buy anything and try it out to see if it can make me more money. Below is the list of tools that I use every week. Learn this stuff and it will make you fast, efficient, and productive! I would have given my right arm just to have this list of resources 10 years ago.

NOTE - I am a Mac user and some of this software is Mac only. Sorry Windows users... :-(
(And yes, I am an affiliate for some of these products, but only because I actually use them)

Webhosting Provider - Hostinger (I used Bluehost for years but they just got worse and worse every year and now they are just not useable. The problems are endless: email deliverability, horrible customer support, horrible UI on cPanel, and just slow hosting, etc.). I have switched over to Hostinger and I wish I would have done it years ago!
Files Sharing - DropBox (if you don't have this already you need to get it right away—it's FREE)

Software for Design and Photo Editing

Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator)
Lightroom (photo organization and editing)
Portrait Professional (to rapidly edit portraits)

Video Related Software

Screenflow (Screen Capture)
Apple Final Cut (Video Editing)
MPEG Streamclip (for video encoding)
Presentation Prompter (Teleprompter)
Handbrake (for ripping DVDs)

Audio Related Software

SonicFire Pro (for royalty free soundtracks)
Audio HiJack (for capturing audio that plays on my computer)
Sound Studio (ultra simplistic yet powerful audio editor and exporter)
Pro Tools (audio editing—industry standard, but we also use Logic)

Web Design

Rapidweaver (for Web Design)
TextWrangler (text editing)
Capto (web screen captures)

Office Software

Microsoft Office
Keynote (I use for everything—very powerful tool—way beyond presentations)
Quickbooks (accounting)
Daylite (the ultimate CRM for Macs)

Royalty Free Stuff and Templates

Digital Juice
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